Quest Forward Academy

Client: The leadership at Quest Forward Academy decided that the 150 year old model of public education needed something desperately - Innovation. They imagined a school where students didn’t follow bells from subject to subject, memorizing for tests only graduate unprepared for the only test that matters - Life. And then, they built that school. Quest Forward Academy doesn’t just use tech from the digital era, it is built on it from the ground up. Instead of memorizing information easily obtained on the web, they ask students to learn each subject by focusing on problem solving. Quest students engage with the world, developing the mindset, habits, and skills they will need to grow and succeed through college, careers, and their lives.

Services: Messaging Support, Production

Challenge: Quest’s problem was: How do you communicate to parents that this new model is better and worth the risk to enroll their kids in a new, untested high school?

Solution: We used a combination of stop motion and traditional whiteboard to achieve three objectives. First, we built a model of the school, so that it felt real and tangible in the way a traditional school is made of brick and mortar on the outside. Then we wrote a script that featured a facilitator taking students through a real lesson from the curriculum. Finally, we broke down Quest’s educational philosophy in clear, concise visuals. The video was used as a key tool at new school locations in parent/student meetings to encourage applications for Quest’s launch.