Politically Incorrect Guide (PIGTV)

Client: The Politically Incorrect Guide (PIG) is multi-author, New York Times bestselling book series that breaks down complex, oft-contested topics of history, culture and politics into simple, readable walk-throughs that challenge prevailing narratives. The series asks its readers to question their current understanding and to consider a wider array of viewpoints.

Services: Production, Distribution Support

Challenge: A book in the series has dozens of chapters to explain complex concepts. How do you achieve the same level of understanding and be informative and entertaining in just a few short minutes?

Solution: Make’em laugh. Tone matters, and for every project, there’s a right chord to strike. We developed a comedic video series inspired by HBO’s popular Ricky Gervais Show with two talented hosts: Thomas Woods, a Columbia University PhD in History, and Michael Malice, a bestselling journalist and recurring Joe Rogan guest. Like the books in the series, our hosts are insightful, informed, willing to push the envelope, and... funny. What do you do with funny people? Put them in a room together and, in this case, make it an animated room. The natural chemistry between our hosts marries education and comedy in a final product that makes audiences from opposite ends from the political perspective laugh and think.