Of Dogs & Men

Services: Production, Marketing, Distribution

Challenge: According to a US Justice Department estimate, more than 10,000 dogs are shot and killed by the police every year, despite the fact that no on-duty police officer has ever been killed by a dog. Are these callous acts of violence? Or are our peace officers making tough decisions in dangerous situations? Regardless of the answers, how can real world change be brought to this traumatic, divisive problem?

Solution: Bring two diametrically opposed sides to a common table to share their experiences and work openly and honestly together for solutions. Our documentary, Of Dogs and Men, features interviews with owners of dogs killed by police officers alongside those of law enforcement officers who have killed pets in the line of duty. How do we know our documentary was effective? In addition to winning awards, including one at the prestigious Austin Film Festival, Of Dogs and Men has been endorsed by both the National Sheriff’s Association and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. It is currently being used both as a whole and in part for police training initiatives across the country.

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