AFPM Virtual Tour

Client: American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) is the leading trade association representing the makers of the fuels that keep Americans moving and the petrochemicals that are the essential building blocks for modern life.

Services: Production, Distribution

Challenge: Refining and petrochemical facilities are mysterious places and have not always operated in the most safe or environmentally friendly way in the past. While the industry has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, its reputation has not evolved as quickly. In focus groups we learned that when a community had a concern about a facility - those concerns were allayed when the community members were able to tour the facility and meet the people who work there. The problem is that due to safety and logistical concerns, it’s not always feasible to give everyone a tour. How do we demystify these facilities for millions of people without actually bringing them in one?

Solution: If we can’t bring people to the facility, we can bring the facility to them via virtual reality. Using drones and 360-degree cameras, we developed breathtaking aerial and insider tours of a refinery and petrochemical facility that educated the viewer on how the facility worked. More importantly, the viewer gets to meet the people that work at these facilities and what their role is in operating safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Viewers can watch the tour on YouTube, on their phones using Google Cardboard, or have an immersive experience with a VR headset.